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Who are we?

CDS Group are a global recognised supplier within the Marine and Industrial sector, providing products and solutions to all your business needs. Boasting over 35 years experience and over 100 customers worldwide, your satisfaction is our number one priority and guaranteed.

Situated in the heart of Birkenhead docks and the port of Liverpool gives us the perfect opportunity to respond to your onboard needs, day or night.

Along with our extensive stocks, our close proximity to the local transport network and food production sites has proven CDS to be a preferred source.



 CDS are not affiliated with any of the Brand names mentioned on this website.

Part numbers quoted are for reference purposes only.

We will always encourage the use of Genuine parts.

All supplied parts come with 12 months warranty against failure or defect.

Any claims must follow our warranty procedure.

All sales are subject to the terms and conditions of CDS Refrigeration Ltd. Available on request.


Environmental Policy

CDS is committed to protecting and improving the environment in all areas of the company's operations, by seeking continual improvement of our environment, employee safety and health as they relate to our products and operations. This is part of our commitment to preserve and enhance the environment, safety and health of our employees, customers and neighbours. The development and implementation of this policy is a commitment of the CDS management and a shared responsibility with our employees.


CDS recognises that a commitment to the following guiding principles is fundamental in carrying out the company's environmental policy:

To comply with environmental, health and safety laws along with the implementation of programs that exceed governmental requirements.

To consider environmental impacts as an essential element when evaluating new projects, products and operations.

To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

To establish objectives and targets aimed at the prevention of pollution by reducing the generation of waste, recycling waste that is generated, and properly disposing of waste that cannot be recycled.

To encourage conservation of energy, water and natural resources through increased efficiency and the introduction of new technology.

To provide employees with a better understanding of environmental issues and the company's commitment, policies and programs to preserve and improve the environment.

To openly make this policy available to all employees and the public.

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